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Online Counselling

Online counselling is the same as having an inhouse session, the difference being that you use the internet. At Frangipani House we use Skype to do our online counseling. There are many reasons why it can be helpful to access online counselling sessions: transport restrictions, remote distance, lack of local counselling services, for our clients who are travelling, or those who wish to remain private in a small town, you liked our website but live in another state or country... whatever your reason, we realise that it can be difficult to attend an inhouse session.

At Frangipani House we offer professional counselling sessions to assist you, when you need someone outside family and friends to talk to. Someone who can be a neutral third party who can just listen, help you discover options. Some of our clients want to learn new skills or learn more about relationship communication. Difficult times crop up in all of our lives, and talking about your cares and concerns can really help to lift the burden off your shoulders.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi”

We offer counselling for adults for individuals or relationship. We also offer online counselling/expressive art therapy sessions.

Our online counselling sessions are carried out via Skype -

Located 3 minutes from Lighthouse Beach in Port Macquarie - in house and online sessions.

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